That sign above my head says, "Aint About to Chicken Out"

Are You Ready to Take Action on the Word of God to See His Power Unleashed in Your Life?

If yes, then you've come to the right place.

Rich people hire life coaches, but Jesus Christ is the ultimate life coach!

As you apply the Word of God to every area of your life, you will see all the success that has been eluding you.

Melanie Harp aka "Mama Mellie," has spent thousands of hours studying the Word of God and more years than she wants to admit applying it to life.

She has learned the hard way that His way is the only way, and now she wants to help you have an easier path.

The rewards of the truly Christian life are not just for someday in heaven, the rewards are for here and now for those who know--there is Nothing But Jesus--because He wants to be your everything!

Mamas Sweet 7

Mama's Audience Inspiration

I became a mother young, because I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do with my life than bring healthy, well-balanced children, who love God and others, into the world.

Unfortunately, Satan got the best of me. When I lost my marriage of 15 years, I also lost my faith.

I mistakenly thought my prayers to be a Proverbs 31 woman, whose husband praised her, had failed.

I didn't understand the spiritual war that we are all born into.

I didn't understand the ways I inadvertently let Satan come into my life to bring destruction.

I made mistake after mistake in my quest to survive as a single mother of six.

There was no way I could teach my children what I didn't know when they were little.

Now that most of them are grown and gone, I will make it up to them, and to God, who by His amazing love and grace brought me back to Himself and healed me both physically and emotionally.

Now anyone who is hungry for answers from above, and yearning for God's presence, can listen in as I share with my children the good news of how to really get victory in Jesus that I wished I would have known so long ago!

God has shown me that as I speak to my children, He will speak to His children too--that's you!!

I am so glad you're here!

I look forward to getting to know more about you as we all get together to know Jesus better!

Next Steps...

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When you do, you will not only get blessings for yourself, but you'll get the heavenly reward for helping get this spiritual, life-saving, information out to others in need!

What do they need?

"Nothing But Jesus," of course!

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