Want More Time With God?

No matter how much time you spend in Bible Study & prayer–It’s hard to get enough!

When you tune into the Nothing But Jesus podcast, you can have a heavenly time while:

  • Drinking your morning coffee
  • Getting ready for your day
  • Driving
  • Exercising
  • Doing chores, yard work, or anything repetitive
  • Or while creating arts and crafts

Everyday our special guest speaker is Jesus Christ Himself speaking to those issues that will solve problems for you!

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Brand New Songs

Overcomer's Song I wrote this song when I was only 23 years old. Curren...
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Sacred Harps

& Look What Mama's Been Cooking Up For You!

At the time I wrote this song, none of it was true, I just wanted it to be true. In fact, I was still addicted to substances I was taking to control pain, and I praise God that He ...
Let Him In
Let Him In
Here's Grant's story about how the song came about: "I had a dream about being somewhere near a dark lake. There were dark clouds in the sky and strange winds. The images stayed wi...
Overcomer’s Song
Overcomer’s Song
I wrote this song when I was only 23 years old. Currently, that was half a lifetime ago for me. I am way overdue for getting this out there! Anyway... I had been to a women's meeti...

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